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Contractual and Permanent Staffing

Our Outlook – Customer First!

Leading Cooper Solutions specializes in assessing and recruiting Top Talent with outstanding track records that will create competitive advantage and sustainable value. We believe that the success can be built on insights into the people dynamics of corporations and their leadership requirements at all levels. Our unique culture of seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing allows us to go well beyond recruitment in facilitating and influencing business relationships toward value creation. We believe in dynamic and robust recruiting practices which are essential to entice and hire the Top Talent.

Why Recrutment Company?

Clients want a competitive advantage - A dedicated Recruiter will source the top talent for the client.

Recruiters have expertise - Hiring is a science and there is a strong case for return on investment for a Recruiters’ expertise as clients hire the “A” candidate into their organization.

Recruiting is a lengthy process - Leave this process to specialists

  • Preparing Job specifications
  • Job advertising and database searches
  • Scanning through multiple number of applications (sometime in hundreds)
  • Discuss availability with suitable candidates
  • Conducting initial screening interviews
  • Conducting skills and other testing
  • Conducting background and reference checks
  • Negotiating the offer and terms

Why Us?

  • Based in Vancouver Area, we are your local service provider.
  • We apply dynamic and robust recruiting methodologies to streamline your company’s hiring process.
  • By fully exploiting the Social Media and Online space – Leading Cooper has a national reach of candidates to support your Company’s needs.
  • We perform comprehensive experience, software, numerical and aptitude testing to ensure the suitability of the candidates for the role. We can also conduct background checks.
  • We provide ‘Guarantee Period’ within which we will not charge you again to re-fill the vacancy.
  • We charge only 7.5% of annual gross salary plus taxes, which is up to 4 times cheaper from our competitors.
  • Our charge is upto four times lesser than our compatitors.

Job Openings

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