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Customer Acquisition

How Leading Cooper’s Customer Acquisition Plan Works?

Leading Cooper Solutions Inc. specializes in focused sales consulting and execution for companies globally. We help our clients find qualified sales opportunities, build pipeline in targeted markets and regions. We assemble full circle sales teams on behalf of our clients, comprised of pipeline on CRM (Salesforce) The team of Project manager, Data Analyst, development professionals, senior sales executives, sales management and sales operations. You can exponentially improve your conversions and sales figures by working only from qualified and confirmed leads. Leading Cooper Solutions Inc. will team with you to build a custom plan to generate interest in your business and identify ready-to-buy prospects according to your specific qualifications. By incorporating multi-channel approach within a b2b or b2c sales organization and allowing our clients to access the real time sales pipe line and comment/suggest on process or some of those functions, we can effectively apply the right sales professionals to all phases of the sales process from introduction to a hot lead. The customer acquisition program has unique advantages and can help improve revenue growth. The customer acquisition program can be a cost-effective way to penetrate new markets and territories or roll out a new product without distracting your existing teams from their current responsibilities. It can be a low-risk way to test markets and territories to better understand the best places and profiles for your future sales pipeline. The customer acquisition program can allow you to make better hiring, marketing and product development decisions based on real-world market feedback and actual sales results. Unlike a typical call center the Customer Acquisition Program is designed strictly for multi-channel approach of social Media, product/service presentations, email campaigns and high-volume cold calling intended to secure qualified leads for internal sales teams. Leading Cooper Solutions Inc. uses consultative selling techniques to determine the budget, authority, need and timing (BANT), to calibrate program’s success is primarily based on the impact our qualified Leads and the actual sales pipeline. Our team listen to the customer, adjust on the fly, use our sales experiences to rapidly identify true qualified opportunities and drive those opportunities through to a qualified lead and pass it on to the customer. In a typical case the complete cycle of Customer Acquisition Program takes about 3-4 months depending upon industry, product and demographics. The average annual fee for the program is about $24,000 which yields 5-8 times on Return on Investment (ROI). Our prospective clientele are the companies that have more than a few million dollars in annual revenue because of the complications inherent in working with very early stage organizations. As one would expect, we have made exceptions when it makes sense for both of us. We ask for a year-long commitment, but we make it very easy for you to fire us by having no time bond contract in our service.

Direct Sales

Our direct selling methodology uses a one-to-one approach where our staff will present client's products or services to a single consumer. Our staff will open and close the deal for our clients.

Lead and Appointment Generation

We generate qualified business leads/appointments for our clients. This increases the efficiency of the sales process and reduces the overall cost for Client's sales cycle.